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Post  Chiefwaha on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:28 pm

Still technically can't trade for a couple days yet...

I'm not even going to list my uncommons, if you're looking for it, I've probably got it.

Got a ton of Rares. I have a few rarer types I'm willing to trade. I'm looking to uptrade or sidetrade for the most part. 90% of these are stored, so talk here if you are interested in something. All my + type cards were mastered and fully leveled before fusion.

Baron Von Strucker x1
Doctor Octopus x6
Green Goblin x6
Iron Monger x4
Jigsaw x5
Kraven x4
Morbius x4
Mystique x2
[Ball of Fire] Human Torch x3
[Bedrock] Thing x3
[Infinite Lawyer] Daredevil x8
[Invisibility] Invisible Woman x4
[Mjolnir] Thor x6
[Nova Corps] Nova x6
[Ruthless] Punisher x4
[Scientist] Beast x2
[Shining Cosmo] Silver Surfer x2
[Ultimate Fist] Iron Fist x5
[Level Up] ISO-8 x6

Special Rares
Moon Knight+ (Skill level 2)
[Mjolnir] Thor+
[Mjolnir] Thor+ (Skill level 2)
[Bedrock] Thing+
[November Foxtrot] Nick Fury (probably 2 of them available for the right price, if the last time I saw rankings held)
[Fire Blast] The Human Torch

Super Special Rares
[Gamma Monster] Hulk+
[Son of Asgard] Thor
[Incredible Rage] Hulk

Ultimate Rares
[Secret Agent] Black Widow+++
[Adamantium Claw] Wolverine

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